Lewisville, NC

Lewisville, NC

Lewisville is one of the most scenic towns in North Carolina. The residential area has a rural feel ideal for escaping the noisy city atmosphere.

Lewisville is in Forsyth County, North Carolina. The city has easy access to other nearby cities and towns. For example, Lewisville is about nine miles away from Winston-Salem, which is one of the most significant historic cities in North Carolina.

In addition, Lewisville is also 64 miles north of Charlotte, home to the post-Civil War history exhibit in Levine Museum.

Lewisville’s Population

According to Data USA, Lewisville had a population of 14,030 in 2020. The population in the city has been increasing at a growth rate of 1.6% since 2019 and 7.1% annually. The growing population has ranked the suburb as the fastest-growing city in the United States.

World Population Review states that Lewisville is the 77 largest city in the state and is ranked 3223 in the nation. The population density in the city is 941 people per square mile.

Regarding Lewisville’s ethnic demographics, 80.7% of the population is Caucasian, 13.8% Black or African American, 2.69% Hispanic, and 1.546% other races.

Lewisville’s History

In the 1770s, Moravian settlers were making their way through North Carolina following the Great Wagon Road. The road went from Pennsylvania to Virginia and finally ended in North Carolina.

In the 19th century, a small town was born where Moravians made stops near the Yadkin River Banks to graze for pasture and rest overnight.

Lewisville was named after one of its Moravian founders and settlers, Lewis Laugenour. After moving to the town, Laugenour built his home in the late 1850s, which still stands to date. This town was named in his honor after he later donated land for the town’s development.

In addition, the Roller Mill also played a significant role in the industrial revolution of Lewisville. The Mill was constructed in 1910 and operated until 1984. However, the building remains a development landmark in the town and now houses other businesses.

Housing in Lewisville, NC

According to Redfin, the median sale price for houses in Lewisville is $360,000, while the average sale price in 2022 was $372,000. Also, the average sale price of a house was $167 per square foot, which was a 22.3% increase from 2021. The median days for a house to stay on the market is 34 days.

However, the housing market in the city has been declining over the last decade, at about 5% year-over-year. In addition, the number of homes sold has also decreased by 12.8% year-over-year.

Lewisville’s housing market is considerably higher compared to the State. The median sale price of houses in North Carolina is about $350,800. The difference in the market suggests that the Lewisville housing market is somewhat more competitive than the overall North Carolina market.

Things To Do in Lewisville, NC

Medaloni Cellars and Vineyards

Once a wine cellar storage, Medaloni Cellars has become one of the best producers of wine in North Carolina. Medaloni sits on twenty-two acres of land in North Carolina. Its vineyards are an ideal place for wine lovers to visit.

Depot 66

Depot 66 is considered the best collection of vintage stores in Lewisville for antique shoppers. The Depot has over 30 vendors, all selling unique vintage, upcycled, retro and antique items.


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