Guthrie, North Carolina

Bulldozer with root rake available for rent in mooresville ncThe suburban community of Guthrie lies east of Winston Salem in the American state of North Carolina. The neighborhood’s setting, architecture, and character contribute to how it appears and feels, whether driving or strolling through.

The Guthrie neighborhood has some extremely wonderful visual and aural characteristics. This could encompass everything from the housing stock to different households and transportation methods.

This place is an ideal settlement for new families, and individuals looking to escape the demands of the big city.

People and Income

The typical home price in Guthrie is $222,988, which is more costly than 43.5% of North Carolina communities and 35.1% of American neighborhoods. Guthrie is a moderate-income community because its neighbors are middle-class.

In the Guthrie neighborhood, 30.7% of the working population is in executive, managerial, and professional positions. The neighborhood’s second-most significant occupational category includes manufacturing and laborer occupations, which employ 29.4% of the locals. 27.1% of people here work in sales and service-related fields, such as fast-food restaurants.

Big accounts, secretarial, administrative assistant, and tech support positions account for 12.9% of the residents. The community’s income is higher than that of 53.1% of the neighborhoods in the US.

This neighborhood also has a greater percentage of childhood poverty than 78.8% of American neighborhoods, with 29.1% of the children living below the federal poverty line.

Like most Americans, many residents of Guthrie find driving to work more beneficial. 50.4% of locals who commute to work in the Guthrie area do so between 15 and 30 minutes. This is less time than the average American spends getting to work. Most locals, constituting around 86.2% of the working population, commute alone to work in a private car.

Close to 7.7% of the population also carpool with coworkers, acquaintances, or neighbors to work.


Population Origins

In America, every neighborhood has a distinct culture that is primarily influenced by the ancestry and culture of the people who live there.

Some neighborhoods are more distinctive than others depending on lifestyle, jobs, home kinds, and, most crucially, the racial and ancestral backgrounds of the residents. It can be easier to understand a neighborhood if you know where the residents came from and their family histories.

15% of the residents of the Guthrie claim to be of English origin, 5.9% of German heritage, and 5.3% of Irish roots. Others include 5.2% Asian ethnicity and 2.5% Italian ancestry, among other groups of people.

People in the Guthrie neighborhood speak a variety of languages. English is the primary language used in 91.4% of households. Spanish and Italian are also significant languages spoken in the community.

Guthrie has a $968 average monthly rent; rents here are less expensive than rents in 94.9% of North Carolina neighborhoods. The majority of the real estate in Guthrie consists of three- or four-bedroom homes, apartment buildings/high-rise apartments, and small single-family residences. Owner occupancy accounts for the majority of residential real estate.

Most homes in the Guthrie neighborhood were constructed between 1970 and 1999, so they are relatively modern. Many new homes have also been built since 2000.


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