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Heavy Equipment Rental in Greensboro, NC

off-road dumptruck rental in mooresville ncMyers Heavy Equipment Rentals has served the Piedmont area of North Carolina with rentals for years. We strive to provide the construction crews of Greensboro with the highest quality rental fleet available. We take pride in providing low hour machines that you know will be able to get the job done. Reach out today to learn more about what machines are available!

Rentals We Offer

We are offering a range of rentals, including:

Excavator rentals in all 3 Sizes

  Standard or regular excavators

We have machines that operate in all ranges from 30,000 pound machines up to our Cat 349 which can move just about anything you can throw at it.

  Midi excavators

Excavators like a Cat 308 would fit in this range. They are small enough to not cause damage to the ground but large enough to still get the job done efficently

  Mini excavators

We have multiple mini’s available including a fleet of Bobcat E42’s. These are great machine when fine movements are needed and we have multiple attachments available for them.

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How Much Does it Cost to Rent an Excavator?

The cost of renting an excavator depends on a number of factors, such as the size and type of machine you need, how long you will be using it, and whether you require additional attachments. Generally speaking, renting an excavator can cost anywhere from $200 – $1000 per day.

The exact price will depend on if you need delivery or any special attachments If you plan to use the machine for a longer period of time, we offer discounts for weekly or monthly rentals. We also offer a rent to own program on some machines. 

Off road dumptruck and excavators for rent in mooresville nc
yellow and black excavator for rent in mooresville nc
Soil compacting machine with bulldozer and excavator in background available for rent in mooresville nc

What can you do with a mini-excavator rental

A mini-excavator rental can be used for a variety of tasks. It is great for digging trenches, post holes and small foundations, as well as performing landscaping and demolition work. Mini-excavators are smaller than traditional models but still have the power to get the job done.

They are ideal for tight spaces that regular excavators cannot reach or maneuver in. Additionally, they can be used for grading, backfilling and excavating hard to reach areas like ditches and slopes.

Lastly, mini-excavators are powerful enough to handle light hauling projects such as moving soil, rocks and other debris. With its compact size and versatility, a mini-excavator rental can be an invaluable tool in any construction project or home improvement job.


Bulldozer rental

Bulldozers are powerful machines designed for heavy-duty tasks like clearing land, leveling terrain and pushing large amounts of dirt. They come in a variety of sizes, with some models equipped to handle large construction projects while others are suitable for smaller landscaping jobs. Bulldozer rentals provide a cost-effective way to obtain the equipment necessary to complete projects that require bulldozing operations without having to purchase the equipment outright.

When renting a bulldozer, it is important to carefully consider the type of job that needs to be completed in order to select an appropriate model. The size of the machine should also be taken into consideration; larger models will typically require more fuel and have higher operating costs than their smaller counterparts. Additionally, it is important to check the rental agreement regarding maintenance and repair so that any potential problems can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

In addition to selecting an appropriate model for the job at hand, proper training is essential when operating a rented bulldozer since these powerful machines can cause serious injury or damage if not used properly. You will need to provide proof of insurance before being allowed to rent one of our machines.

soil compactor smooth drum machine available for rent in mooresville nc
wheel loader for rent moving across construction site in mooresville nc
large cat bulldozer for rent in mooresville nc

Skid Steer Rental

Skid steer rentals offer you a convenient way to access the power of heavy construction machinery without having to make a large financial commitment. Skid steers are versatile and can be used for many purposes such as digging, grading, hauling, and other jobs around your property or job site. Skid steers have several advantages over larger machines, including their size and maneuverability. They can fit in tight spaces and make quick work of small-scale projects without the need for extra equipment or personnel.

Renting a skid steer requires having or being an experienced operator to get the most out of your rental experience. In addition, since these machines are smaller than other pieces of heavy equipment, they typically use less fuel which can help to save money on operating costs. All in all, skid steer rentals provide an economical way for contractors and homeowners alike to access the power of heavy equipment when needed without breaking the bank.

Telehandler rental


Telehandlers, or telescopic handler or Lull are a specialized piece of heavy equipment. They can be used to move large and heavy items with precision, making them ideal for many construction and industrial applications. Telehandler rental is a convenient option for those who need to access the benefits of this type of machinery on a short-term basis.

With telehandler rental, customers have the ability to choose from various models that offer different capabilities and features for specific needs. Features like lifting capacity, reach height, carrying capacity, maneuverability, and transportability can all be taken into consideration when selecting the right rental unit. Additionally, telehandlers come equipped with safety features such as load backrests and overload indicators that help prevent accidents while operating the machine.

When renting a telehandler it is important to review all safety guidelines before operation in order to ensure safe use of the equipment. With careful selection and use of proper safety precautions, customers can take advantage of the benefits that come with telehandler rental without sacrificing performance or reliability on their job site.


Track of a long reach excavator or track hoe for rent in mooresville nc
large wheel loader available for rent in mooresville nc, track loader also available
tracked skid steer made by bobcat available for rent in mooresville nc

Long reach excavator rental


Long reach excavators are a type of heavy equipment used in specific applications, such as digging trenches and dredging. Compared to standard excavators, long reach models have greater range, allowing them to dig deeper and further than other machines. Renting a long reach excavator is often the most cost-effective and efficient choice for those who require this specialized machinery but do not need it on an ongoing basis.

Before renting a long reach excavator, it is important for businesses or individuals to assess their project needs and determine if the machine’s capabilities are suitable. In addition to selecting the right size and weight capacity, certain attachments may be necessary depending on the job at hand. Long reach models come with various configurations including dippers, buckets and booms which can help increase productivity during certain operations.

When searching for an excavator rental company that provides long reach models, it is important to compare rates between different suppliers as well as inquire about any additional costs associated with use or damage fees. Additionally, some companies offer delivery services which can prove beneficial when dealing with larger pieces of equipment like this one.

Water truck rental


Water truck rental is a great option for those who need to move large amounts of water for construction or landscaping purposes. Water trucks can range from small, commercial grade vehicles to large, heavy-duty rigs with up to 6,000-gallon tanks. They are used in construction sites and other areas where it’s necessary to quickly move water from one place to another.

Depending on the size and model of the truck, they may be equipped with pumps that can fill or empty the tank in minutes. Renting a water truck is generally more cost effective than buying one outright. Additionally, renting gives you access to a larger selection of sizes and features so you can find exactly what you need for your project.

When renting a water truck, make sure you’re familiar with its weight capacity and operating instructions beforehand as well as any additional safety measures that may be needed while driving it on public roads.

Trencher rental


Trencher rental is a popular option for many construction and landscaping needs, as trenchers are an effective way to dig trenches quickly and efficiently. Trenchers come in a variety of sizes, from small walk-behind models to larger ride-on models that can handle more difficult jobs in a shorter amount of time. Depending on the size of the job, you can choose between trenching machines powered by hydraulics or gasoline engines.

When renting trenchers, it is important to consider factors such as soil type, depth requirement, ground slope and space requirements before deciding which type of machine is best suited for the task at hand. Most rental companies will also provide operators who specialize in operating trenchers.

To ensure safety during operation, all operators should wear protective clothing such as gloves and closed-toed shoes when working with these powerful machines. In addition to renting trenchers, many companies also offer additional services such as equipment delivery and pickup services for added convenience.

Fun Facts About Greensboro, NC

Greensboro, NC is an interesting city with a unique history. One fact about Greensboro is that it was a key stop on the Underground Railroad during slavery times. Many brave abolitionists and freed slaves passed through this area to freedom. In fact, many of them settled here afterwards and made their homes here. Today there are many landmarks throughout Greensboro commemorating these brave people who risked everything for their freedom.

Another interesting fact about Greensboro is that it is the home to one of the largest private university in the world. This school, called Guilford College, was established in 1838 and currently has a student body of over 2,000 students.

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