Excavator Rental Winston Salem, NC

excavator rental in mooresville NC near body of water like lake normanWhen you need to rent an excavator, Myers Heavy Equipment Winston Salem, NC, is your number one provider of excavator rentals in the area.

Perhaps you’re a contractor who needs an excavator for a short-term project, or your business relies on regular excavation work. Whatever your needs, we have got you covered with affordable excavator rental services.

Uses Of An Excavator

Excavators are heavy construction equipment that dig trenches, holes, and foundations for buildings and other structures. They are also commonly used for:

  • Moving large amounts of earth quickly and efficiently. The potent engine and hydraulic systems of excavators let them move tons of dirt in just an hour. The system can move massive volumes of soil while providing enough force to dig through hard rock and clay layers with ease.
  • Digging trenches. Foundations for buildings and other structures, and holes. Excavators’ hydraulic systems give enough force to quickly drill through hard rock and clay layers, making them perfect for use in these environments.
  • Working through tough soil. Excavators are rugged equipment that can handle a lot of demands. Therefore, they are best for digging through complex soil types like hard clay and rock layers.

We offer short-term (up to two weeks) and long-term contracts for construction projects with an extensive working schedule. Whatever your needs, Myers Heavy Equipment will work out an excellent rental agreement at affordable prices. Trust us to meet your needs.

The Cost Of An Excavator

Prices for new excavators range from $100,000 to $500,000, depending on the size and features of the machine. Used excavators will cost $50,000 and $250,000 to buy. However, renting an excavator costs less, approximately $1000 and $1800 per day, again depending on size and features.

Types Of Excavators

  1. Crawler Excavators. Crawlers have two endless tracks, and you will often see them in mining and demanding construction jobs.
  2. Wheeled Excavators.  They are similar to crawlers but with wheels. This makes them ideal for maneuvering on flat surfaces.
  3. Skid Steer Excavators. These have booms and buckets for residential projects and removing intrusive debris.
  4. Suction Excavators. As the name suggests, suction or vacuum excavators have a suction pipe with teeth. They are ideal for delicate underground activities.
  5. Long Reach Excavators. They have longer arm and boom sections ideal for extensive reaching.
  6. Dragline Excavators. This excavator has a bucket attached to a hoist rope system through a hoist coupler. You will often find them in large-scale projects like canal dreading.
  7. Mini Excavators. And finally, these are small versions of excavators for fitting through narrow sites.

Call For Excavator Rentals

One of the most appealing aspects of trusting Myers Heavy Equipment Rental is access to our knowledgeable and friendly staff. We will assist you with any questions or concerns related to equipment and rentals.

Contact Myers Heavy Equipment Rental of Winston Salem, NC, when you’re ready to hire an excavator for your next job. Our city is home to exciting and fun places to see, including many parks, tennis courts, basketball courts, and illuminated ball fields.