Bulldozer Rental Winston Salem, NC

Bulldozer with root rake available for rent in mooresville ncBulldozers are a must-have in all types of construction projects. If you’re starting your construction project, then you are in the right place for a bulldozer rental in Winston Salem, NC. Myers Heavy Equipment Rentals provides a vast assortment of bulldozers for rent.

Many site owners select bulldozers to ease the work and make the process safer. Construction work requires you to make smart decisions. Choosing the right equipment, such as well-functioning bulldozers from our facility, will make the project run smoothly and safely.

What Is A Bulldozer?

A dozer is a solid piece of equipment for moving soil or rocks. It comprises a massive, broad steel blade or plate attached to the front of a tractor. It is used in road building, farming, construction, and wrecking.

There are three main types of bulldozers available for construction projects; crawler bulldozer, wheel bulldozer, and mini bulldozers.

The crawl bulldozer is ideal for maneuvering hard surfaces and moving heavy objects. Wheel bulldozers are better for moving through soft surfaces. They level and move materials on these surfaces. Lastly, mini bulldozers are ideal for passing through small spaces because of their size. You will often find mini bulldozers in residential construction sites.

Advantages Of Using Bulldozers

  • Easily maneuverable: Depending on the size of the bulldozer, it can pass through tight working spaces that other equipment may not fit.
  • Can handle heavy items: If you need to move heavy rocks and logs, you have a range of equipment at your disposal. But we believe a bulldozer is the right choice because it can move these obstacles without harming them.
  • Tracks instead of wheels: Grading trenches and ponds can be a dirty project. Equipment with wheels can easily get bogged in the soil. That is why a bulldozer is ideal. It doesn’t get like a truck or automobile since it has tracks instead of wheels.
  • An adjustable blade: You must level the uneven terrain before starting your construction. A bulldozer comes in handy for this activity. It features a blade that can cut through everything, even though concrete.

Cost Of Renting And Buying A Bulldozer

​​The minimum rental period for a bulldozer is four hours per day. It costs about $600 to rent an 80-horsepower bulldozer for four hours. Similarly, his identical bulldozer will set you back $1,600 per week and $4,600 per month. Renting is always more cost-efficient than buying, so consider our affordable services.

Call for Our Bulldozer Rental

A bulldozer is an ideal machine for moving a lot of earth and dirt. It will create a clear path for your construction project and easily clear away trees, rocks, and other obstacles.

Explore our selection of bulldozers for rent. We have a variety of sizes and models to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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