Bethania, NC

Bethania, NC

For many people, the small suburb of Bethania offers the perfect blend of rural atmosphere and cultural heritage. From the historic buildings, and natural landscape, the quiet town is ideal for retirees and families looking to settle down.


Bethania is sandwiched between the coastal plains to the east and the Black Mountain to the west. The town’s location is in Forsyth County, North Carolina. Many towns around Bethania make it easily accessible to tourists or residents looking to get a weekend away from the suburb.

Bethania’s Population

According to Data USA, the population of Bethania was 351 in 2020. The town has seen a 6.51% decline in its population since 2019. However, World Population Review suggests that the population is expected to increase by 0.58% in 2022.

Bethania is the 601 largest city in North Carolina and 21266 largest in the nation.

The ethnic demographics in Bethania’s population include 73.5% Caucasians, 25.4% Black or African Americans, and 1.14% Hispanics.

In addition, Data USA also states that the poverty rate in the town is about 9.4%, which was a 603% increase from 2019. In addition, the median household income is $70,656, a 19.8% increase from the previous year. 

History of Bethania, NC

In 1753, Bethabara was the first Moravian community founded in North Carolina. As the community grew, it became a sanctuary for refugees seeking to escape the French and Indian War.

However, as Salem grew and expanded, there was a need to find a new village for more Moravians to settle outside the town.

That is where Bethania was born. In 1759, the site to build Bethania was selected only about three miles northwest of Bethabara. The name of the town was given by Bishop August Gottlieb Spangenburg, who arrived in Wachovia to start the new community. The town became the first planned settlement of Wachovia.

One of the first houses built in the town was a church. However, in 1809, the community decided to replace the old church by building a large brick church that came to be known as Bethania Moravian Church.

By 1822, Bethania Church started selling land to its residents, allowing them to build homes and start cultivation. Furthermore, Bethania also opened an academy that mentored and taught its residents.

Housing and Real Estate in Bethania, NC

According to Redfin, the median price for a house in Bethania is $140,000, which was a 55.7% decrease from 2021. Likewise, the average sale per square foot was $154.

Compared to the median price of houses of $350,800 in North Carolina, the Bethania housing market is relatively lower. The lower price is attributed to the lack of competition in the town’s housing market and low population.

Things To Do in Bethania

Bethania Historic Preservation Area

A visit to Bethania Historic Preservation Area is an excellent way to learn about the culture and history of one of the oldest towns in Forsyth County, NC.

The town is dedicated to preserving and restoring some of its iconic landmarks, including the Wolff-Moser House, the Bethania Moravian Church, and the 1894 Alpha Chapel.

Hiking and Bike Riding

In addition, Bethania also has a 1.5-mile-long Black Walnut Trail for adventure lovers. Hiking and bike riding are fun ways to spend the afternoon in the woods. Dog owners can also take their pets for a walk, but they must always keep a leash on their pets.


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